• EOTW's Vision for Old Town

    Our Mission at EOTW

    Our mission is to foster and inspire an environment in Old Town Warrenton that enhances economic vitality while preserving the historic character of the community; and to promote a rich and appealing cultural atmosphere to live, play and do business.

    Our Vision for Warrenton

    We envision Warrenton as a place with strong character and history. It has a lively Old Town where vitality fills the streets. People enjoy an authentic small-town experience that boasts a welcoming and safe environment for everyone. It is a vibrant and charming community filled with thriving businesses, exceptional public service and all the elements necessary to make Warrenton a place where people like to live, shop, work and play.

  • The EOTW Approach

    Economic Vitality

    Focusing on capital and incentives to assist new and existing businesses, catalyze property development and create a supportive environment for entrepreneurs and innovators that drive local economies.


    Enhancing the physical and visual assets of Old Town, including beautification of the streetscape while preserving the historic character.


    Promoting Old Town to residents, tourists, investors and new businesses, while creating a positive image that showcases our community’s unique characteristics.


    Building a strong foundation for a sustainable effort, including cultivating partnerships, community involvement and relationships with investors.

  • Board of Directors

    We've got a top notch team!

    Kristina Price

    Executive Director

    Amelia Stansell


    Gary Shook

    Vice Chair

    Marc Bogan


    Hank Day

    Director of Governance

    Carter Nevill


    Paula Combs

    Director of Communications

    Tom Wisemiller

    Director of Economic Vitality

    Brannon Godfrey

    Director of Economic Vitality

    Sunny Reynolds

    Director of Design

    Maggie Lovitt

    Director of Design

    Lucia Coffey

    Director of Fund Development

    Rev. Bob Grant

    Director of The Friends of EOTW (Volunteers)

  • EOTW 2017:

    The Annual Report